song titled "The Womb Isn't Safe Anymore"

This song is about saving unborn baby's lives.  It is the title song of the album by the same name.  It was written by Mike Allen in loving memory of the innocent victims of abortion.  Joining Mike  on the recording is his daughter Amanda Jesse who also adds moving poetry to the album. 

my album at CD

ebook titled: "Between Water and Sky"

This is a collection of paintings and poems by Mike Allen written from a Christian perspective.  It has fifty three pages of full color art work and poems.  This is a discovery of God's eloquence as opposed to the authors feeble words.  It is also a journey of the authors pre-Christian poems to becoming a Christian later in life.

 Many of the paintings depicted in the book are also available for sale as individual art prints from Bellcrest Print Shop Studio.

 It is available from

Between Water and Sky at

Between Water and Sky at

Art print titled:"San Gregorio Beach #103"

This full color print is available in three sizes:  8"x11", 4"x6" matted and 3"x5" in greeting card format.

Other images are available at Bellcrest Print Shop Studios.

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